The Experience

Young Adult Transitions

Our ultimate goal is to prepare students for a successful and happy adult life, focusing on personal interests and needs. We provide a comprehensive transition service program based on assessment and individual experiences to encourage and influence students reaching their potential. Planning begins early in their school career, focusing on the development of vocational skills, independence in work habits, exposure to recreation and leisure skills, as well as community integration. Community outings and experiences are an integral component of our program. Students are provided opportunities to promote development of employable skills through corroboration with local businesses. 
Specific instruction, along with interests, strengths, needs and aspirations expose students to programs including, but not limited to;
  • Carpentry
  • Product Construction
  • Craft Design
  • Domestic Skills
  • Office Related Activities
  • Community Errands
  • Budgeting and Money through restaurant experiences and other field trips
The program combines school based instruction and experiential learning in the classroom and/or surrounding communities to meet future specific needs of each individual, whether it be employment and/or further skill training. Students increase academic achievement as math, literacy, science, and social studies connect to a real world application. Meaningful opportunities are provided for students’ engagement while fostering developmental, social and academic growth. The Young Adult Transitions Program works closely with families to increase consistency in working towards students’ transitions goals.