The Experience


Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, and body awareness. Yoga imbues a sense of calm along with improving children’s attention and relaxation.
At Imagine Academy for Autism we practice yoga every day. We use the “Yoga Kit for Kids,” which includes colorful photograph cards of children in simple yoga positions along with an illustration of the animal or object the pose is named after. This visual union of the pose and drawing joins physical expression and mental imagery, assisting our students to think and "enter" into the pose. Our yoga for autism program starts with a specific song, then the students imitate the poses presented in the cards while we focus on breathing deeply in and out of the nose, moving, stretching, and holding the body in different poses. The one-to-one ratio of teacher to student assures greatest participation and benefits of our yoga for autism program.