The Experience

Vocational Training

The Vocational Center at Imagine Academy is a curricular model based on the concept of vocational education emphasizing effective participation by an individual in all of life’s ‘occupations’. Preparation for long-term life skills is of the utmost importance at Imagine Academy. Therapists and educators, together with the Occupational Therapy Department assess each student for strengths, likes, dislikes and unique interests to create a curriculum rich in skill development and functional skills, Our program begins during the early school career at the pre-vocational level and will continue into adulthood. We expect the expansion of additional programs each school year, according to the diverse needs and performance level of our student population.
Our long-term goal is to prepare a student for a particular skill or skills performed as a part of their daily life routine. Programs are created with a strong attempt to make each of the skills relevant, purposeful and functional while providing enjoyment and satisfaction to the participant. In addition, programs have been specifically designed for our students on an individual basis. Goals are created to ensure success, while encouraging responsibility and conscientious. Staff and students clearly understand expectations, along with rewards available and the criteria for both. Each school year students will increase educational training through experiences and performance on a multitude of skills related to vocational and life skills programs designed specifically for each individual. Some students will follow a transition process to identify and secure a place of employment at a job site, while others will increase independence for a better quality of life.