The Experience

Speech Therapy

Imagine Academy for Autism is a language rich environment.  Students are immersed in language activities throughout their entire day. Effective communication is the cornerstone of Imagine Academy’s program. Every staff member at Imagine is trained to be a communication assistant whether they are a classroom instructor or an occupational therapist. All communication systems are infused throughout the student’s entire day. 
When students enter the program they are given an in-depth evaluation of their current communication skills. Students with strong verbal abilities may only need visual systems that augment or assist their ability to retrieve key vocabulary or organize their thoughts.  Other students require more extensive systems to help them communicate throughout their day. 
As we know, one of the core deficits that most students present with is the inability to express themselves effectively. Often the child feels frustrated and negative behaviors may develop.  Every child has the ability to communicate; Imagine Academy’s program will help unlock any barriers they may have. 
The Speech Department provides the following services in addition to communication systems.
  • Language Arts – coordinated with their academic programs.
  • Phonological Training – enhance pre-reading skills and sound correspondence.
  • Auditory Processing – improve ability to respond to what you hear.
  • Social Stories – designed to help decrease anxiety and increase comprehension of events and activities.
  • Topic Boards – located throughout the school building, used to improve receptive language skills.
  • Oral Motor Protocols – implemented throughout the day based on the child’s needs.
  • Feeding Protocols – improve ability to tolerate a variety of foods.