The Experience

Occupational Therapy

At Imagine Academy for Autism Occupational Therapists focus on student occupations such as self-care activities (dressing, feeding, hygiene), play skills, pre-academic skills and vocational skills. The Occupational Therapy team evaluates each student to determine his/her occupational performance and develops a unique individualized program in order to improve on that benchmark.
These occupational therapy for autism programs may include:
  • Sensory integration stimulating activities
  • Motor planning and balance stimulating activities
  • Fine motor activities
  • Pre-writing and handwriting activities
  • Play activities that promote interaction and communication
  • Activities of Daily Living
Occupational therapists collaborate with members of the educational team (teachers and clinicians) to improve the student’s performance in a variety of learning environments such as playgrounds, classrooms, lunchrooms, bathrooms, etc., as well as transitioning from one setting to another.
All of our students participate in a daily customized curriculum, based on the “Thinking Goes to School” program written by Drs Furth and Wachs. This program enhances the child’s ability to integrate visual, motor and cognitive development. 
Our Yoga program incorporates the “Yoga Kit for Kids” with poses, breathing and chanting. Research suggests that yoga improves attention and relaxation, reduces anxiety, and enhances physical flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, and body awareness. The daily yoga program provides our students with these benefits along with the opportunity to practice their imitative skills in the areas of gross motor skills, vocalization, and breathing exercises.