The Experience

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an integral part of treatment at Imagine Academy for Autism. Treatment focuses on the achievement of social and emotional objectives specific to each child. A psychotherapeutic methodology, Music Therapy takes place in a fun and safe environment where students can express themselves, develop social/emotional skills, and explore within a therapeutic relationship. The type of Music Therapy utilized at Imagine Academy is based on a developmental, improvisational approach.
In a typical Music Therapy session, students will create live music together with their therapist in a meaningful, communicative, fun encounter. Each session is as unique as the child. Children explore different ways of producing sounds while developing their communicative abilities and strengthening their relationship building skills.
Specific social skills goals are focused on during group music therapy. Bringing students and faculty together to create live music facilitates communication, awareness of self and others, and encourages self-confidence. Music Therapy is a vital methodology utilized at Imagine Academy. As with all of our related services, accomplishments and useful techniques gained within Music Therapy are carried over through all parts of the student’s day.