The Experience

Core Academics

All students at Imagine Academy are emerged in an integrated model of literacy incorporating reading, writing, speaking, listening and communication, throughout their school experience.  Students are introduced to poetry, music, fiction and non-fiction, along with the functional skills necessary to be successful, both in and out of school.  The language arts literacy goals emphasize students’ interests, while focusing on comprehension, word recognition, and fluency.  A differentiated and individualized program elicits prior knowledge and builds background.  Instruction is aligned with the NY State Curriculum Standards and guided by the NY State Common Core Standards, utilizing research based methodologies including, but not limited to Wilson, Edmark, Lindamood Bell, Talkies, Phonological Awareness Training and a web based reading program incorporating developmentally appropriate leveled reading books. We recognize a wide range of reading abilities exist within each individual therefore provide the necessary accommodations, modifications and adaptations to the curriculum to ensure students success in reaching their highest potential.
Our mathematics program emphasizes process over product. Students understand and use math in relationship to the real world.  Mathematical exposure includes concepts of number sense, 1:1 correspondence, money, measurement, computational skills, space and time.  An individualized curriculum, based on NY State Standards includes components of Touch Math to help develop our program.  Visual Spatial Reasoning: Thinking Goes to School, Piaget’s Theory in Practice by Hans G. Furth and Harry Wachs is an additional component to our math program that focuses on visual cognitive games.  Mathematical process goals are integrated into the content areas.
The Social Studies Curriculum centers on a students’ sense of self, along with current events and relating and communicating with others in the community.  An awareness of friends, family and culture are embedded into all aspects of the school day.  There is a strong emphasis on how to apply current events to every day living.  For example - following a review of the daily weather report, students discuss how to prepare for their day.
Science is explored and enjoyed through hands on real life multi-sensory activities.  The scientific domains of life, earth, observation, prediction, conclusions and process are established throughout the school day.  Students explore their own world based on individual interests as guided by the NY State Standards Curriculum.