The Experience

Augmentative Communications

The speech department at Imagine Academy for Autism is dedicated to developing the most effective means for each student to both understand and express themselves.  When students enter our program they are given an in-depth evaluation to determine the most appropriate communication system.  Individual staff that work with that particular student are trained to use the system, pictures, signs, or speech-generating devices in order to facilitate use throughout the day.
The speech department creates all the visual systems used throughout the day including visual schedules, social stories and the visual aids used for a variety of programs/activities. Devices and communication systems are constantly updated to meet the growing communication need of the student. Our speech therapists provide individual and small group therapy sessions according to each student’s mandate. These therapy sessions help facilitate language and communication growth and promote a language rich environment in the classroom. Additionally, therapists develop individual oral-motor protocols based on each child’s motor functioning, tone and articulation profile.