The Experience

Art Therapy

Art Therapy for autism is a vehicle for regulation, engagement, and creativity. Sessions at Imagine Academy for Autism includes material or concept driven directives to provide a framework for the therapist-child interactions or social interactions among children. Materials are carefully selected to meet the specific needs and interests of each child and can be used in a novel way to promote Art Therapy and DIR/Floortime goals.
The Art Therapist uses materials and sensory art experiences to gain access to emotions and drive children to meet fundamental developmental levels. As a means of expression, art can be paramount for children who may not be able to express emotions through spoken language, acting as a tool to ease frustration and anger or to express happiness. 
In an Art Therapy session, the therapist will use high affect to encourage and increase interaction working toward continuous flow, helping children expand ideas by playfully obstructing familiar patterns, expand peer interactions by using highly motivating themes that require group practice and draw attention to others, and expand creative play and exploration of materials. Through the use of floortime techniques, the Art Therapist will follow the child’s lead and guide the child through the developmental levels in accord with the DIR model.