Tuition Assistance

When choosing a private school it is imperative that you choose a lawyer or advocate to manage your case in order to receive reimbursement from the Department of Education. The following is a list of Lawyers that are currently servicing families from Imagine Academy. Please note that these are only a starting point and each family is free to choose any Lawyer or Advocate they feel comfortable with.
Christine Thevierge (212) 397-6360
Gary Mayerson (212) 265-7200
Joan Harrington (718) 252-6682
Neal Rosenburg (212) 732-9450
Randi Rothberg (212) 397-6360
Regina Syker (212) 532-9736
Steve Goldstein  (212) 220-3609
Susan Deedy (516) 221-8133

Upon acceptance to Imagine Academy a deposit is required. There are many payment options available, including a 10% discount for any referrals that result in a placement at Imagine.
Payment options are as follows:
1) Payment in full by June 1st – 5% discount
2) One payment – less the $25,000 deposit
3) Two payments due on September 1st and January 1st
4) Ten monthly payments beginning September 1st