About Us

Welcome to Imagine

On behalf of Imagine Academy for Autism, welcome to our program. Every parent wants the brightest future for their child. Choosing Imagine Academy is the first step in providing your child with the best chance for success. Our highly trained and motivated staff are eager to engage with your child and create an individualized academic and social program based on their specific strengths and needs to nourish the whole child.
Our school was founded by parents who wanted a program that would meet all of their children’s needs. Imagine serves not only the students, but the families as well. We live by our mission statement, “Imagine is dedicated to helping children and their families with Autism Spectrum Disorder reach their fullest social, emotional, physical and academic potential. Our results are an improved quality of life for both child and family.” Often we hear of students performing well at school, however, generalization to the home is not occurring. Our goal is for our students to be working and thinking in all environments.
Becoming part of the Imagine Family is a way to open a world of possibilities. Our unique approach offers families not just a comprehensive program, but the best of all possible intervention strategies. Research has shown that both methodologies, ABA and DIR, along with all of our related services are effective for improving outcomes for students with Autism. Our program is ground breaking in its ability to treat the whole child and not place limits on students due to methodology constraints.
We look forward to a long-lasting, productive relationship with both you and your child. Together, we can help your child be successful, academically challenged and an emotionally healthy person.

Elisa Chrem